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  1. What is conference calling?
  2. Conference call services
  3. Paid vs. free conference calls
  4. How to setup a conference call
  5. International conference calls
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1. What is conference calling?

Globally connecting people from around the world

Conference calling extends the use of a telephone line by allowing more than 2 people to talk on a call at the very same time. In fact, if you want, you can host more than 500 people on just one call. There’s 101 different reasons why people why a conference call service, such as residential use that connects members of family together when situated in different parts of the world, to business use where everyone from global organisations needs to keep in contact with their stores or offices around the world, crisis management situations, be it business related of natural disaster, teleconferencing helps to connect many people together.

2. Conference call services

The good news for you is that there are 100s of teleconferencing providers available to signup with online right now, but there are varying degrees of quality, pricing and the extent of features available and much more. However, the biggest differentiator between service providers is the technology that it’s built on. The built in iPhone 3-way conference call, or Skype that allows for more than 3 callers are completed over VoIP. In other words, these calls are not completed over the standard phone line, but make use of an internet connection. Unfortunately, while this is typically a free to use service, there’s good reason for this. Due to making use of an internet connection, the quality of the call is dependent on everyone’s connection speed and naturally, the more you add to the call, the worse the audio will become.

Specialist conference call providers still make use of the internet to keep the price down, but it is not reliant on you or other participants having a good internet connection – the internet connection is purely with the provider in bridging the gap internationally between phone calls. Thus, this is still the best way to make and take a conference call to this very day. However, saying that – there’s still a huge difference between specialist conference call providers and the call quality provided. To find a conference call provider, Google search for “conference call providers” (or click here to do that search).

We won’t go in to much great detail on this matter as it is well documented elsewhere (see Google search: Why free conference calling is not free). We just have to point out to those that are not aware; there’s no such thing as a free conference call! While there are services out there that pertain to such a service, the audio quality is usually lacking and the size of the bill can typically be more than 3 times higher than a paid for monthly conference call subscription. Why? Paid for subscriptions give you ‘x’ number of minutes to use in a month that will be wildly reduced in comparison to a “free” service. So, while you don’t have to pay a bill to a “free” service, what happens is, is that the phone number you dial is typicall an 0844 which means you call national call rate (if not more), so you could be paying anywhere from 5p to 7p+ per minute – but not just you, but all of your participants too.

However, “free” isn’t always a bad choice. If you’re looking to simply have a 1-off short call and you don’t mind if other call participants pick up their end of the tab, then perhaps a free service is for you. One thing we would highlight, is to give the conference call provider a quick test before you complete your real call to check the audio quality. There’s nothing worse than utilising a new teleconferencing provider to find out on the live call with your boss or potential customer that the audio is horrific. Don’t let sound quality become the deal breaker!

4. How to setup a conference call

Setting up a conference call can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 or something incredibly difficult – it’s purely dependent on how the conference call service provider has set up their systems – is it with the user in mind, or simply because they wanted to get the product to market fast? Google search; “Set up & arrange a conference call” to see just how easy it really is!

Conference calls don’t have to be difficult, like this spoof depicts:

5. International conference calls

Whether you need to make a call from America to China, or UK to Australia, if international conference calling is important to your needs, be sure to select a conference call provider that has an exceptional rating for their international dial-in/out features. Just like the different types of conference call services out there and paid vs. free, the distance between callers can also have a huge impact on the quality of the audio that’s provided, not to mention the associated costs involved with international conference calls, where, if don’t incorrectly with the wrong business, costs can be astronomical. What to look out for? Find a conference call provider that specialises in international calls, which, may not be obvious when entering a website, but look for a page full of international numbers – you want to find a list that covers all the countries you may be needing to call. To find a list of providers that cater to international calls, click here.

6. Conference call features

Get more than just a good quality conference call – signup to a provider that caters to businesses both big and small and continuously develops their systems and technology to bring the very best service to each and every end-user, with developments such as being able to automatically record and archive a call, a service that allows for 1-tap dial-in to a conference call, or even a service that calls you just at the right time!

7. Get started now

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